Business to Business

The Sussex Tree Company LLP’s senior partner, Nick Eddison, is passionate about developing and professionalising the Arboriculture Industry. So we offer key business-to-business advice and assistance which enables and empowers those business owners/directors wanting to take their firm to another level. We believe that gaining industry recognition of your professionalism is important, so we fully endorse and support the Arboricultural Associations Approved Contractor scheme. We guide and empower businesses to compliance, and use the process to structure your business systems to maximise benefit and minimise loss. To complement, we assist firms to successful write and price tenders for contracts – we also audit for quality, health, safety and environmental standards.

  • Professional advice

    Our consultants can offer advice and recommend how best to manage your tree or tree stock – ensuring compliance with industry best-practice and British Standards. First consultations are free, where we assess your issues and how to deliver the best outcomes.

  • Tree Condition Reports and Tree Surveys

    Our Tree Condition Surveys give you a comprehensive picture of your trees and how to manage them: to reduce risk; to optimise amenity and ecological value; and deliver management cost-savings. For each tree we: identify; quantify – status and risk; examine structure and physiology; recommend management options; and detail potential costs and timescales. We create a location plan for every tree; using specialist GIS technology or individual tree-tags. All data is then collated into a report, giving managers clarity and compliance confidence.

  • Planning Reports - BS: 5837

    The Sussex Tree Company will deliver every element of a BS:5837 compliant report, supporting your planning applications for development sites: Arboricultural Impact Assessments – to assess the impact of the development on the trees present, quantify their amenity value, determine trees to be removed or retained and identify mitigations, if necessary; Tree Survey – to determine the tree stock present; Tree Constraints Plan – to assess what constraints retained trees will have on the construction; and Tree Protection Plan – to advise how to protect retained trees during construction phase. We also perform Project Arboriculturalist duties for our clients.

  • Internal Investigation Reports

    To assess the structural integrity of a tree’s internal wood or the extent of fungal or bacterial infections we perform resistograph drill or tomography tests and report findings. We then make recommendations for remedial works in a report document. We can perform resistograph drill tests at height, to investigate localised areas of a tree.

  • Aerial Inspections

    The Sussex Tree Company’s consultants are qualified, experienced and trained to perform aerial inspections of trees to determine structural integrity, physiological health and presence of European Protected Species, (EPS) – like bats.

  • Tree Roots - Including Subsidence Reports

    A tree’s health is depends on having healthy roots, so we provide amelioration services to optimise the rooting zone: decompaction – ‘air-spading’ and introduction of organic materials or ‘technical soils’; soil testing – to assess pH values and assess the need for interventions that would opitmise soils for the species present. We can undertake root-pruning to mitigate conflict between trees’ roots and the built environment or to restrict a tree’s growth.

    The Sussex Tree Company can undertake subsidence investigations, assessing any impacts tree roots may have on a buildings structural integrity and delivering findings and recommendations in a report document, assisting with insurance claims for domestic clients and with loss adjusters for commercial clients.

  • Tree Mortgage Surveys and Reports

    The Sussex Tree Company will undertake a Tree Survey and Report to assist with Mortgage Applications. This will provide guidance as to the future impact of trees located close to or at a property for issues such as subsidence, direct damage and ‘seasonal nuisance’.

  • Advice - on permissions, planning restrictions and special designations

    The Sussex Tree Company will give professional advice on restrictions. We find out if your trees are protected, what the restrictions are and apply for permits to work on them, ensuring full compliance with legislation. There are restrictions on the tree(s), like TPOs – tree preservation orders, planning conditions and felling licence restrictions; and there are restrictions on the trees’ location – conservation areas, National Parks, SSSIs – sites of special scientific interest, AONBs – areas of outstanding natural beauty and ASNWs – ancient and semi-natural woodlands.

  • Expert Witness - Arboriculture

    The Sussex Tree Company consultants can advise lawyers or stand as an expert witness in court, drawing on over 20 years practical experience and a suite of professional qualifications.

  • Ecological Surveys and Habitat Services

    The Sussex Tree Company can provide all ecological services and reports to property portfolio managers and developers, relevant to the particular site and project requirements, as specified by the Charted Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management, (CIEEM). We will make an initial site appraisal and detail what’s needed to achieve full regulatory compliance.

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