Examples of FAQ’s and answers. We are happy to answer any other questions upon request.

What are the lead-times?

Site visits happen within a working-week of an enquiry, written quotes within will arrive within another working week and once accepted, jobs will usually be scheduled to start with 2 weeks.

What’s the difference between felling and dismantling?

When a tree is felled, it is cut to the ground from close to its base in one operation, using a fell cut.  When a tree is dismantled, it is cut down to the ground piece-by-piece by a tree surgeon operating from within the tree.

What’s the best time of year to get my tree-work done?

A tree can be felled at any time of the year.  Pruning can also be done at any time, however, there are times when it is better for the tree, such as late summer.

What are the payment options?

Payment usually is made upon completion of the works.  We are happy to accept cheques or BACS payments.

Are there additional costs?

All costs are explained and outlined before works commence and written down in the quotation provided.  It is not normal for any other costs to be incurred, however, in the unusual circumstance that there was any additional expense it would be discussed with the client, agreed upon and then set down in writing.