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Tree surgery

The Sussex Tree Company has been providing excellent tree surgeons and tree surgery services to Sussex, London and the South East for 20 years.  Our clients come from the commercial, public, charity and private sectors.

Our focus is providing top quality tree care whilst ensuring protection and safety of people and property.

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We offer a comprehensive service including such services as:

  • Crown reduction

    Whereby the overall size of the tree is reduced by shortening its branches.

  • Crown thinning

    Whereby the density of the tree’s crown is lightened by the removal of selected branches.

  • Crown lifting

    Whereby the height from the ground of the tree’s crown is increased

  • Felling/sectional felling

    Complete removal of trees, especially in safety critical situations

  • Coppicing

    A traditional tree management practice whereby a tree is cut at ground level so that straight poles will grow from around the cut.  These are then periodically cut to regenerate once again

  • Pollarding

    ‘Coppicing above ground’. A traditional tree management practice whereby all branches that have regenerated from previous pollard cuts are removed.

  • Dead wooding

    Whereby the dead and dying wood is removed from a tree, along with other branches classed as ‘dangerous’.

  • Tree planting

    Purchasing and planting of trees, shrubs and hedgerows.

  • Formative pruning

    Pruning a young tree so that they grow into a good form, or to grow as a pollarded tree.

  • Remedial pruning

    Tackling and rectifying problems with trees, whether these are biomechanical or as a result of previous pruning

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