The Sussex Tree Company has been providing operational tree work solutions with our tree surgery services to Sussex, Surrey, the Home Counties and London for over 20 years.  Our clients come from the domestic, commercial, public, charity and private sectors. We deliver a ‘start-to-finish’ service for development sites and our works are compliant with rigorous Health and Safety and British Standards.

Compliance with rigorous Health and Safety standards and working to British Standards (BS:3998), means our focus is providing top quality tree care solutions whilst ensuring protection and safety of people and property, whether this is the home owner or a large public or private body.

We offer a comprehensive service including such services as:

  • Crown reduction

    We reduce the overall size and height of a tree by removing selected branches, while retaining the tree’s shape and character. This management practice can ensure a tree is retained in an environment where there may not be suitable space for a fully mature, unpruned specimen.

  • Crown thinning

    We remove a percentage of selected branches from the tree to achieve a lighter crown. This can create more light for surrounding environments while retaining the tree’s overall shape and characteristics.

  • Crown lifting

    We ensure the tree’s branches are a certain height from ground level, in metres, so that our clients can be sure that people or vehicles are in no danger of striking the tree. This management practice is often necessary in public environments.

  • Felling/sectional felling

    We can remove any tree safely whatever the immediate surroundings, whether by ‘clear-felling’ or by dismantling the tree section-by-section. No matter how problematic, our experienced staff can devise the right solution and deliver it in a controlled, cost-effective way while ensuring no damage occurs to the immediate environment.

  • Removing dead or dangerous wood

    When a tree is in a public space or in a garden often all that’s needed to make it safe and fulfil a duty-of-care is the removal of dead, dying or structurally dangerous branches from a tree’s crown. Our tree surgeons can do this quickly and cheaply.

  • Pollarding

    Pollarding is a tree-management practice suitable for certian varieties and often used for pubic spaces. Originating from medieval times when people wanted to prevent cattle grazing on trees it is now employed to deliver a planned maintenance programme that gives trees a distinct shape and character while controlling excessive branch growth.

  • Coppicing

    Coppicing also originates from medieval times and is way of producing uniform, straight and workable branches from certain species of tree. The trees are cut close to ground level and allowed to regenerate over a set number of years, then cut again and the cycle continues. This management practice is a great way of managing woodland productively and we can offer a cut-and-stack, cut and extract to roadside or a cut and remove service for your woodland.

  • Tree planting

    Our consultants can advise on planting needs and propose or produce planting schemes. We can then procure and install your trees or hedges, in any environment – using the latest products and techniques to ensure successful establishment and long-term health.

    We are experienced in delivering bespoke planting solutions for domestic, public and commercial clients, often in challenging environments. We offer developers planting solutions to fulfil planning conditions.

  • Formative pruning

    Preventing a problem is better than rectifying it after it happens. Formative pruning is undertaken so a young tree grows into a good shape and form, so when it matures it is free from structural or biomechanical issues. Formative pruning can also enusre a young tree grows as a pollarded tree.

  • Remedial pruning

    Our consultants can offer solutions to rectify problems with trees, whether these are biomechanical, physiological or as a result of previous pruning. These are then delivered by our highly experienced operational arborists to exacting standards.

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