Development and Construction

The Sussex Tree Company LLP offers developers and construction companies a ‘one-stop-shop’ for all tree-related issues. Our comprehensive service starts at the design or pre-planning stage and finishes at project handover. We can deliver solutions for every tree-related task or for specific projects depending on our clients needs. Our experience within the sector means delivery is effective, efficient and compliant with the standards expected.
We deliver consultancy services, operational works, tree protection, (fencing), and new installations

  • Consultancy

    We want to provide our clients with the confidence that everything tree-related for their project will be delivered at the times they need, safely and to the highest standards by experienced consultants and operators. Our service means developers and main contractors can concentrate on building and delivering their project knowing the ‘tree issues’ are sorted and in the hands of specialist professionals.

          • At design stage, advising on: tree retentions, mitigations for tree removals, tree installations, ecological compliance and planning issues. Our installation advice draws on expert knowledge of up-to-date planting technologies for the built environment
          • At pre-planning/planning stage we deliver compliance for clients through Tree Surveys, Planning Reports, (BS:5837), Arboricultural Impact Assessments, Tree Protection Plans and Arboricultural Method Statements.
          • During construction we ensure any operational works are fully compliant with main contractor RAMS and deliver project arboriculturalist services.
          • At pre-completion stage we ensure planning condition compliance is met with inspections and reports.
        • All our consultancy services meet expected compliance standards for the industry.
  • Operations: Site Clearance, Tree Suregry and Installations

    Our operational works serve our clients needs at different stages throughout the phases of their projects.

    • At commencement stage we offer complete vegetation management for your development site, removing trees, tree roots and scrub. We use specialist machinery and experienced operators to maximise our efficiency and minimise costs to clients – and ensure waste product is re-used to boost our clients ‘green credentials’. Synergies between our consultants and operations ensure project management and delivery is frictionless and complete.
      We then erect British Standard compliant tree protection fencing around trees to be retained, checked by our consultants, so the client has a site ready for ground-works to start unimpeded.
    • During construction phase we are on-hand to deliver tree surgery services for any remedial works needed. Our installation teams can also begin planting trees in ‘phased development projects’.
    • Our installations, meeting British Standards for tree planting, will support our clients project delivery and handover. We use latest techniques and technologies, again synergies are gained from our consultancy input into the whole development project.
    • We follow-up and support our installations at post-handover, to ensure our tree-planting establishes successfully in the new environment.
  • Trees and Development - Our Comprehensive Service

    We deliver everything tree-related for developers and main contractors on a construction site.

    Throughout the entire timeline of the project the developer needs arboricultural consultancy services – expert advice can assist architects and lanscape architects, with permissions and relationship management with Local Planning Authorities. Tree surveys and reports linked to project design plans are needed, as are Project Arboriculturalist services – to comply with LPA planning conditions in relation to tree removals, retentions and installations – also with remedial works when the unexpected occurs – through to project sign-off.

    We organise, manage and deliver operational works like site-clearance, vegetation management, tree-protection fencing and installations of new trees; we use the most up-to-date machinery, techniques and installation products to give our clients an excellent service – we understand, meet and often surpass all necessary compliance and best-practice standards needed for the industry.

    We offer our clients efficiencies and cost-savings by providing a comprehensive service. The understanding and relationship management between our consultants and operatives delivers synergies. These translate into a smooth, seamless and economic service for our clients.

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