Business Development

The Sussex Tree Company’s Business Development Services offer business-to-business advice to take your firm to the next level. 

 We use our success in achieving certification and awards to ensure your business can also benefit from the rewards of industry best-practice recognition. 

Our experience, sitting at board level in national corporate businesses, means we know what your target clients require and how to showcase your business best.  By identifying  services and cost savings we know we can guarantee growth in annual turnovers year-on-year – because we’ve experience doing this!

The Sussex Tree Company's Business Development Services
What We Do

We believe that gaining industry recognition of your professionalism is important, so we fully endorse and support the Arboricultural Association Approved Contractor scheme. We guide and empower businesses to full compliance, and use the process to structure your business systems to maximise benefits and minimise losses.  Being AAAC approved opens doors for your business and means you’re seen as competent and competitive by other professionals – it also allows your business to tender for larger, more lucrative contracts.

We audit for quality, health, safety and environmental standards, (QHSE), and deliver policies, procedures and protocols to enable clients to be compliant with their clients’ needs and industry best practice standards.  We can ensure your business has all the right documentation in place to ensure you meet exacting professional standards this safety-critical industry demands.

Our team will help your business write successful tenders so you can win lucrative contracts, taking your business to the next level.Our proven success and experience combined with your business’s professionalism means writing great bids and winning valuable contracts.

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