Our friendly consultants provide tree surveys, planning and mortgage reports and much more – we welcome both large and small projects and offer a competitive price delivered within speedy time frames.

At the point of enquiry we listen to you, expertly identifying what service you need – and we’re happy to visit your property or development site, prior to quoting and free of charge, to make sure we get you the exact service you need.


Our reports successfully deliver planning permissions for our clients and repeatedly save our clients time and money by being compliant with architects and project manager’s needs.


Our free, itemised quotes will reach you via email within 24 hours of your enquiry or site visit. 

Our Consultancy Services
What We Do

We identify the trees on your property, to achieve compliance with Health & Safety and Duty-of-Care responsibilities – you’ll know what’s there, what works need doing and when. 

We help your development get planning permission, even when trees might constrain design plans.  Our plans in AutoCAD assist architects and designers.  Our reports,which are tailored to meet your needs, comply with BS:5837 standards.


Our reports help secure your mortgage.We assess trees which might impact your property and highlight current and potential future problems – helping you to make an informed purchase decision.

We assess how trees affect your property’s structural stability and give you a clear, concise report to help with insurance and remedial repair works.


  1. Hazard assessments: giving in-depth analysis for issues with particular features, trees or groups of trees from ground level
  2. Aerial inspections: hazard assessments with analysis taken aerially as well as from ground level
  3. Bat inspections: when an aerial check for a bat roost is needed
  4. Internal investigations: assessment of the internal structures of trees using microdrill resistance and / or sonic tomography.


We use our vast tree expertise to help create a unique planting project.  We take the time to explain the benefits and pitfalls when selecting trees for your design.  We pride ourselves on using the best quality suppliers and planting methods.  We offer guaranteed establishment and important aftercare advice.

We offer legal advice and can stand as an expert witness in court. We can offer expert advice to help resolve any tree-related dispute.


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