Thameside Willow Pollards

The Sussex Tree Company pollarded 2 veteran Weeping Willows that overhang the Thames in Shepperton yesterday. It was the hottest Good Friday for 7 decades yet our team persevered. We used biodegradable chain-oil to ensure minimum impact on the river’s ecosystem. We also cut off historic pollard heads, as a way of mitigating the risk of failure of the historic ones, as there was significant decay in most of the limbs behind them, and quite a lot of weight in these pollard heads – reducing the overall size of the crowns but ensuring continuing life for these old girls. A further reduction will happen in 5 years as the final stage in the retrenchment pruning project – from which a new pollarding regime will establish, giving the trees a further lease of life and our clients and river users a traditional, picturesque bankside scene.