Tree Surgery

The Sussex Tree Company offers premium comprehensive tree surgery services. With more than 25 years experience and diploma-level qualifications, our teams give the very best care to your trees and surrounding landscapes, minimising any potential impact on the environment.  

Our ethos and best-practice delivery means our Tree Surgery Services leave your space much improved and clean every time we visit. It’s extremely important to us that our work is completed without compromising health and safety. 

As our practitioners are often consultants too, the care we give your trees and their surroundings is second to none. We understand trees, their needs and how to intertwine these with the needs of people and the surrounding environment; just one of the reasons why our clients keep on coming back to us, year after year.

Our Tree Surgery Services
What We Do

It’s vital to maintain your trees and we can either deliver your brief or give expert advice. Whatever you decide, the completed works will look fantastic and be sympathetic to both your and the trees’ needs.  Our tree pruning works all meet or exceed the British Standard BS:3998 ‘Tree work – recommendations’

If you need clear-felling or ‘section felling’, (for restricted spaces), our teams ensure your project is delivered without detrimentally impacting your environment.  Whether it’s just one semi-mature tree or site clearance of multiple over-mature specimens, our approach is professionally consistent.  At The Sussex Tree Company, we make sure trees and the locality are checked for protected species and biosecurity issues before proceeding.

We’re enthusiastic about planting new trees: the positive benefit trees bring to your local and the wider environment cannot be overstated – particularly how they capture CO2.  We can help with planting scheme design or work to a brief.  Furthermore, we procure the best UK-grown specimens and make sure they’re planted in your space to the British Standard BS:8545: ‘From nursery to independence in the landscapes’ specifications and guarantee their established for up to 3 years, advising on on-going aftercare as standard.’

  1. Site clearance – for project enabling works we offer economies of scale by getting the right equipment in for the job, however big that might be.
  2. Veteranisation – helping our eldest and most valuable trees stay in their environments without impacting peoples’ safety.
  3. Diseases, pest control and biosecurity – we can deal with tree-borne pests such as Oak Processionary Moth or advise you on whether your tree is diseased – what the impact is and how to overcome it.
  4. Bracing – we can help your trees survive and thrive, even if they have structural weaknesses by installing COBRA bracing – a specialist support system which isn’t detrimental to the tree.

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